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Current Partners

These, our partners, stand especially ready to be your partners.

We also welcome new partnerships that you bring our way, with EHRs, Practice Management systems, or both.

Partners build great track records and streamline your quality reporting.

It’s easy, as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Tell your vendor that you want to report your quality measures through Registry Clearinghouse
  2. We set up the relationship with you, then together we work with your vendor to set up accounts. Your EHR or Practice Management vendor will begin sending your quality data to Registry Clearinghouse on a regular basis
  3. We familiarize you with our systems and how to use them to best effect your quality assessment and improvements.

Once familiar, you simply log into your Registry Clearinghouse dashboard to review your quality performance and gain the tools to improve your performance on your selected measures.

Once on board with Registry Clearinghouse our support includes our experts’ readiness discuss the measures you are submitting, and how to improve your quality score. As you become more familiar and ready to advance, we can also help you research and design custom measures for internal use. We can even help you get new measures incorporated in professional and payer quality programs.

Current Partners include:


ICS - Sammy

Sammy is designed to be an easy to use and intuitive program built for podiatrists.

Website Connect With Registry Clearinghouse


TRAKnet EHR—powered by NEMO Health—is an expandable, cloud-based all-in-one practice management platform.

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Practice EHR

Practice EHR

A cloud-based EHR and integrated practice management solution built for small practices offered in affordable price that is easy to use and learn.

Website Connect With Registry Clearinghouse


MEDENT is a software development and services company focused on automating medical practices.

Website Connect With Registry Clearinghouse

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If you are not currently working with one of our partners click the link below to sign up:

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