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Better than EHR Based Reporting

It is time to look at your EHR and see what measures it supports. A certified EHR is only required to support 6 measures, some may only support 6, others many more. There are only a limited number of measures that can be reported by your EHR. This gives you a very limited set of measures to select from.

We have gone into greater detail on other pages, but it is worth re-iterating, some measures are topped out with a maximum score of 7 and others have benchmarks that make scoring well on the measure very difficult.  With only 47 EHR measures to select from it will be difficult to find a total of 6 measures that fit your workflow and have a good benchmark to allow you to obtain a high score.

It is reasonable to assume that you will find a couple of measures in your EHR that you can report and do well and you should report on those measures.  Reporting EHR measures in an end-to end fashion (directly from your EHR to CMS, or directly from your EHR through a registry to CMS) will get you 1 bonus point for each measure you report in that manner.

You will then want to report on registry measures that have good benchmarks and fit your workflow to fill out your quality reporting.  At Registry Clearinghouse we can accept your EHR measures and send them to CMS on your behalf to get you bonus points and then enable you to choose the best registry measures for your practice to optimize your quality score.